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Real estate has long been seen as one of the most reliable investments you can make. But finding a property manager you can trust? That can be challenging, to say the least. Management services are frequently loaded with hidden costs - both financial and psychological - that can make you feel like you’re "managing the property manager."

If that describes you, we’ve got good news. With Great Jones, full-service North Carolina property management, it's as simple, seamless, and hassle-free as it should be. We combine the efficiency and innovation of a tech company with the personal service and integrity of a local business.

That's why we're already trusted by hundreds of property owners in Lee and beyond.

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No fees. No hassle. More income.

It's not your imagination. Most Lee property management companies charge an arm and a leg for their services. Between maintenance markups and call fees, signup and cancellation fees, routine inspection fees, and so on, you end up paying over 18-23% of your income in property management fees to the average property manager in Lee without even knowing it.

With Great Jones, you'll spend less than half of that. We only (and we mean it when we say only) have three simple fees: (1) a property management fee, typically 8%-10% of the monthly rent, (2) a placement fee, typically 75% of one month's rent when we fill a vacancy (we won't even charge you a management fee when your unit is vacant), and (3) a renewal fee when a resident chooses to stay another year, saving you money on the cost of turns and a vacant unit.

That's all you'll pay. Ever. There are no hidden fees or markups, and we never lock you into a contract. Oh, and you can cancel anytime within your first 90 days for a full refund on the monthly management fees you've paid - no questions asked. We’re that sure you'll be happy with our service.

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Average rent for Cumnock, NC


Protect your investment with trusted residents

Great Jones goes above and beyond to find residents who will safeguard your property and provide a consistent income. We conduct deep background checks on each applicant, including criminal records, credit history, prior landlord debt, and more. We also pay for manual background checks (at no additional cost to you) in municipalities that don't keep electronic records. We'll review each applicant's eligibility against our robust resident screening and rental criteria. Then we help you make an informed, data-driven, compliant decision about who you entrust with your real estate investment.

In Cumnock, the average rent for Single Family Residential homes is $2,750.

Why do we go to such great lengths to find the perfect resident for your property? It’s simple: When you partner with Great Jones, we treat your property like it's our own. Doing more work upfront actually saves money in the long run. And those are cost savings we pass on to you.

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Seamless maintenance at a lower cost

As a full-service property management company, Great Jones provides 24/7 support for your Cumnock residents, both online and via phone. If there's a middle-of-the-night water leak, our team will handle the situation, involve the right vendors, and give you an update by the morning. Of course, we also do proactive maintenance to catch small issues before they become serious. That's a crucial way of preventing catastrophic emergency costs. It also keeps residents happy, and ensures low vacancy rates. In fact, our average resident stays for over two and a half years.

It should go without saying, but all of our vendors are fully licensed and insured. We work with a trusted local network of maintenance professionals in Lee whose work is pre-vetted to ensure it's high-quality. We've also pre-negotiated discounted rates on their work, for more cost savings that we pass on to you with zero markups.

When a job is completed, our team reviews it to ensure the quality is as high as it should be. We even ask tenants to rate their experience with vendors, for additional data points. This means we're constantly evaluating and adding new vendors to our network, to make sure they're responsive, polite, reliable, and efficient.

Standard HVAC Replacement Cost for Cumnock, NC

How is Great Jones different? It’s a matter of integrity.

There are countless property managers fighting for your attention in the North Carolina real estate market. But at Great Jones, we really do think we're different.

Part of what makes us special is our technical innovation. We stay on the cutting edge of service, using the latest tools to market your property, arrange self-showings, screen for the best residents, and ensure long-term occupancy. And that efficiency creates savings which we pass directly to you.

But we also bring integrity, transparency, and empathy to our work. We're property owners ourselves, with years of experience managing and maintaining real estate. We know firsthand how stressful property investment can be, and we strive to deliver a better experience. We're also deeply local, with roots right here in Lee. So if we feel more like your next-door neighbor than a soulless corporation, it's because we are.

When you work with Great Jones, you've got a partner for life. We'll manage your portfolio like it's our own property, with no exceptions or excuses.

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