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Do you own a property or are you thinking of purchasing a property in Holmes Beach, FL located in Manatee County? This beautiful city is the largest community on Anna Maria Island, which sits south of Tampa Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. Holmes Beach is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and bright blue ocean views. So if you are a homeowner in this beautiful stretch of land and you are looking for an opportunity to rent out your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you think through what type of property manager makes sense for you.

Firstly, it is important to answer whether you want to own a vacation or annual rental?

We, here at Great Jones, are here to help with your annual rental. Holmes Beach is known for its incredible stretch of beach, but it is also in close proximity to downtown Tampa, which is thriving with economic activity. With the continuing strength of the local economy and consistent population growth, you can be assured that more people will be looking to live full-time in Holmes Beach.

Why rent annually vs seasonally

We are big proponents of the annual rental property for many reasons. Here are a few key ones: 

  1. Predictable and reliable rental income: First and foremost, you place one tenant for the year (or more!) and you are guaranteed a steady stream of rental income. If you work with us at Great Jones, you can sleep well at night knowing that your tenant has been carefully selected, and in the off-chance your tenant does break the lease before the end of the lease term, replacing your tenant is on us. 
  2. Lower maintenance costs: With a long term rental there is generally less wear and tear on your home. Owning a vacation rental, means you have people constantly coming in and out of your home. Every time the property turns, there is a chance you need to do repairs and maintenance.
  3. No need to worry about off-peak seasons: It’s important to do the math on what makes the most sense for you: with your short-term rental, during peak seasons you can get as much as 3x per month than your annual rental rate. However… don’t forget you must take into account vacancy and off-seasons. You can be confident that the snow birds will want to flock to your home from December – March, but will the hot and humid summer months be much of an attraction?

Lucky for you, Great Jones services Holmes Beach and the entirety of Manatee County under our Greater Tampa office. In addition to Holmes Beach, we also provide property management services throughout Florida, including Greater Jacksonville property management, West Palm Beach property management, and more.

Perhaps you are not ready to give up your home for more than one year and you want the flexibility that comes with owning a short-term rental. Working with a vacation-rental property manager may be the right choice for you. In this case, here are a few options for short-term rental property management in the Holmes Beach, FL area. 

Hopefully we’ve given you a reason to consider our property management services in Tampa, FL for your Holmes Beach property. If you want more information on the real differences between property management companies, you should check out our blog post on this exact topic here.

Furthermore, if you’re ready to have a conversation with Great Jones about how we can help you increase the profitability of your rental property portfolio, click here to get in contact with your local team!

Abigail Besdin

Abigail is a co-founder at Great Jones, leading Growth. She believes rental property ownership is a brilliant idea.

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