In Palmetto, Property Management is Now Easier Than Ever

If you’re a property owner in Palmetto, Florida, there’s no shortage of management services clamoring for your business. And unfortunately, the standard for these companies has been – historically speaking – pretty low. Finding a Palmetto property management company that takes care of your real estate, of your tenants, and of you, the owner, can feel like winning the lottery.

That’s why we founded Great Jones. As experienced real estate investors ourselves, we know the heartache and headache that comes along with trying to protect your investment. And frankly, we were tired of it. So we set out to become the kind of property manager we’d always dreamed of. Here are 3 ways Great Jones is taking a radically different approach to Palmetto property management.

1. Our pricing is fair and transparent

One of the most aggravating and painful parts of working with a traditional property manager is seeing your income eaten away by hidden service costs. Every little interaction comes with a price tag – including lease renewals (where they typically take a 25% cut of a month’s rent rate), routine inspections and site visits (which cost you up to $200 a pop), and fees for each tenant signup and cancellation (which run up to $500). Add to all this the costs of maintenance coordination and markups, parts and labor, etc., and you might struggle to break even on your rental property.

With Great Jones, on the other hand, you don’t owe a cent for any of those services. You only ever pay us two simple fees:

  1. Management fee: We charge a percentage of the rent collected, typically defined by the property’s existing rent rate. Worried about paying a percentage cut on your high-rent properties? Don’t sweat it. This fee is capped at $149 per month, no matter how high the rent is.
  2. Placement fee: Whenever we place a new resident in one of your properties, we charge a percent of one month’s rent for the property marketing, applicant screening and selection, and lease preparation and signing. This all comes with a guarantee. If one of the tenants we place ever breaks a lease, we’ll replace them for free.

Altogether, you can expect to pay us less than half of the 18-23% of total income that you’d spend on a traditional property manager. But we hope the benefits run even deeper. When all of the price gouging and bean counting disappears, you’re left with stress-free, effortless income. And isn’t that why you became an investor in the first place?

2. We treat your property like our own

The Great Jones team has a deep sense of ownership toward each and every estate we manage – whether it’s a single family home or a multiple building apartment complex. But what does that look like in practice?

First and foremost, it means we go above and beyond in our tenant screening process. Each resident we place in your property has to pass a rigorous background check, in which we investigate their criminal record, credit history, prior landlord debt, and so on. It’s all part of our data-driven, analytical approach to resident placement.

This effort to find you the very best tenants is why we have an astonishing 0% rent delinquency rate, and <1% eviction rate to date. Investing more work upfront saves money in the long run – and those are cost savings we pass directly on to you. It means you’ll receive payments reliably, always the same month rent collection takes place. And more importantly, you can rest easy, knowing that your rental property has trustworthy residents. 

3. We act like owners (because we are)

The first thing you’ll notice when you do business with Great Jones is that we’re not just another business or soulless corporation. We’re property owners and investors ourselves, with roots right here in Palmetto. That means the Great Jones team will treat your investment like it’s our own, with no exceptions or excuses. And if we make a mistake? We’ll acknowledge it, apologize, and figure out how to do better. It’s all part of our commitment to radical accountability.

Our Manatee County roots also gives us a trusted network of professionals to work with. When we have your property maintained and serviced, we’ll call on fully licensed and insured vendors whose work is pre-vetted to ensure it’s top-quality. And of course, we’ve also pre-negotiated discounts with these service professionals, so you’ll pay up to 30% below-market rates for above-average work. (Hey, it pays to be local.)

But you really shouldn’t take our word for it. Unlike other property management services, Great Jones will never lock you into a contract. We want you to partner with us each month because you trust us – not because it’s an obligation you can’t escape. That means you can cancel your business with Great Jones at any time, for any reason, with no fees. And if you cancel within the first 90 days, you’ll get a full refund on the monthly management fees you’ve paid. So try us out and see for yourself.

Abigail Besdin

Abigail is a co-founder at Great Jones, leading Growth. She believes rental property ownership is a brilliant idea.

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