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About the Macon area

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Great Jones provides full-service property management in Macon, GA. Our end-to-end services cover everything from property marketing and leasing to maintenance and rent collection. We're your one-stop-shop for your rental portfolio's financial success.

What we love about the area


Macon, AKA, "The Heart of Georgia" is a cultural center comprised of higher education institutions, museums, and tourist destinations. By leveraging the expertise of a Macon property management company like Great Jones, investors can maximize their returns.

Macon property management stats


According to the latest ACS data, Macon vacancy rates are in line with the nation's; however, its median gross rent is 20%+ below the national median, making Macon property management companies like Great Jones a key tool to achieving financial success.

Great Jones is the leading choice in property management companies in Macon, GA. We provide investors with the peace of mind knowing their home and their residents are well cared for, all while optimizing their rental income. By leveraging technology to increase operational efficiencies and visibility into financial performance, Great Jones delivers economies of scale to investors in addition to a best-in-class service experience with our dedicated Support Team.

Macon Team

Justin Hoffman

Director of Property Management

Meredith Gorton

Property Manager

Tyler Clay

Regional Turn Manager

Wyatt Cash

Field Operations Manager


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