We’ve evolved local property management

We make owning residential rental real estate profitable and transparent.

What we’re evolving from

Being a real estate investor can bring tremendous financial benefits. But it also means being a full-time landlord — fixing toilets, chasing rent, and spending nights and weekends responding to your residents.

Unsurprisingly, many investors turn to local property managers, but that can often feel like you’re “managing your manager.” The status quo local options tend to take a reactive approach, without any strategy to maximize your returns.

As real estate investors ourselves, we were sick of hearing about egregious upcharges on parts and labor, and frustrated by the lack of sophistication in management for the individual investor.

That’s why we’re here.

And in mid-2021, we joined forces with Roofstock, the leading online platform for single-family rental investing, to expand our services and provide access to new investment opportunities; learn more.

We are technology leaders

Our founders have previously built leading digital products for millions of modern consumers. Their driving purpose is to utilize technology to stay one step ahead of investors’ needs and positively affect their bottom line through never-before-seen efficiencies.

  • Jay Goldklang

    Founder & CEO

  • Abigail Besdin

    Co-Founder & SVP of Strategy & Growth

  • Todd O'Brien


And veteran operators

Our service and operations team is led by real estate pros with a collective 30,000 doors of experience. They’ve overseen $4B+ in rental real estate for the country’s largest REITs, including helping drive Waypoint Homes’ “reinvention of renting.”

  • Pooja Radia

    SVP Operations & CX

  • John Rapisarda

    VP National Property Management

Their driving purpose is to provide the highest quality care for your rental properties and work with local vendors to achieve the most competitive possible pricing for upkeep.

  • Barbie Alea

    Account Manager

  • Christopher Ladd

    Senior Portfolio Representative

Our local on-the-ground teams are experienced service professionals who support our owners and residents by making their lives as easy as possible.

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