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Greater than property management

For too long, property management has been something to endure, not enjoy. We’re taking a fundamentally different approach by questioning the norms of our industry and creating truly great outcomes for everyone involved. So property investors can thrive. So residents can love where they live.

Co-Founders Jay Goldklang, Abigail Besdin & David Diaz

We’re doing it by combining the sophistication of a technology company with the personal touch of a local business. That means caring for properties like they’re our own. Operating with transparency. And developing solutions that dramatically reduce stress and improve performance.

We are industry veterans: real estate pros with decades of property management experience and tech leaders with track records of driving change through innovation. Together, we’re here to set a new standard and make people happy in ways they never expected.

In everything we do, we want to change property investing and management for the greater.

Our values make us different

  • Integrity above all

    Our relationships with our owners are open and honest. We do what we say and say what we mean 100% of the time.

  • Owner empathy

    We think like property owners because we are professional property investors ourselves. We understand owners’ needs like they’re our own because, well, they are.

  • Fresh perspective

    We pair innovators from within real estate with experts who have modernized industries outside of it. We know firsthand how powerful it is to ask the question "Can we do this differently?"

  • Never settle

    We strive to continuously improve our service and always keep learning how to be better partners. We love asking for feedback, and we listen to it.

  • Radical accountability

    Once an owner entrusts us with their portfolio, it is our absolute responsibility to take great care of it. No exceptions, no excuses, ever.